Welcome on the webiste of the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics, INAI.kg!

We are new institute with a history of more than 10 years of experience in the education sector of Kyrgyzstan. The study programmes are developed based on the needs of the IT industry in Kyrgyzstan and leaned on the solid experience in practice-oriented education of German University Partner, University of Applied Sciences Zwickau. More than 100 Computer engineers have been graduated in Bishkek and got employed in national and international companies. Part of the students have been transferred to University Zwickau to continue their studies. Currently more than 30 Kyrgyz students are enrolled at University Zwickau.

The bachelor programme is practice-oriented. Many labs, students projects and long-term internships at companies enable the students of practical programming. Therefore the employment after graduation is guaranteed.

In the master programme on the other hand, we train the managers of software development projects for national and international market. The students learn soft-skills such as languages (German and English), team-work and agile programming.

Our mascot is Taigan. He is an extremely fast, cooperative and intelligent dog from Kyrgyzstan. These attributes symbolize our institute as well.

FAST: The aim of our study programmes is to enable the graduates to learn the craft of the programming. We concentrate on one programming language so that they learn not only the language but learn the methods.

The Information Technologies are developing very fast. That’s why we are teaching our students to be able to adjust to the newest developments fast too. Not to stuck in one technology and language but to learn the philosophy behind it so that they can recylcle them into new knowledge.

COOPERATIVE: Our study programmes are designed to teach the students the soft-skills. With the skills of team working, interacting with the client and languages to be cooparative.

INTELLIGENT: The programmes intends to enable the students not only programme like a robot but to programme an intelligent machine.


Detailed information about INAI.kg:

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