Rules of admission of students

I. General provisions

These Rules govern the admission of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and citizens of other states to the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics (hereinafter - KGIPI) for training in educational programs of higher professional education under contracts with payment of tuition fees with legal entities and (or) individuals (hereinafter - an agreement with payment of tuition fees).

For the first year at KGIPI, persons with secondary general and secondary vocational education are admitted.

For subsequent courses, persons are admitted who have an academic certificate of the established form about incomplete higher professional education or a state diploma of higher professional education of various levels.

Education of citizens of other states at KGIPI is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, on the basis of international treaties that have entered into force in the prescribed manner, to which the Kyrgyz Republic is a party, as well as on the basis of agreements between educational organizations or with individual citizens.

KGIPI announces admission after agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic of the list of areas of training and their admission plan.

II. Organization of admission to KGIPI

To organize the admission of students to full-time education under an agreement with payment of tuition fees, by order of the head of the university, an admission committee is created, the chairman of which is the rector of KGIPI.

The chairman of the selection committee is responsible for the implementation of the admission plan, compliance with the maximum contingent established by the license, as well as the requirements of regulatory legal acts for admission to universities, determines the responsibilities of the members of the selection and appeal commissions, approves the procedure for their work, the schedule for admission of citizens by the selection and appeal commissions.

The composition, powers and procedure for the activities of the selection committee are determined by the regulations on it, approved by the rector of KGIPI. The term of office of the selection committee is one year.

The selection committee is obliged to monitor the accuracy of information about the applicant's participation in ORT, and also has the right to verify other educational documents submitted by the applicant.

Criteria and documents for admission

Acceptance of documents is carried out in accordance with the admission rules

Documents required for admission:

  • ORT certificate (passing score 110 and above)
  • high school diploma;
  • 2 copies of your passport;
  • photo 3х4, 6 pcs.(with full name on the reverse side);
  • certificate of attribution (upon presentation of the original, a copy is accepted)

Application Portal

Dear applicants!

     This year, the recruitment of applicants to universities for the 2020-2021 academic year is carried out through the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic: 


Registration instructions:

To the attention of applicants - FOREIGN CITIZENS!

     In order to enter our institute, you need to register, upload scanned copies of your passport and take the online entrance exam on this website.

     After registration, within one working day, we will send you a login and password to access the site for passing the entrance exam in the form of a test remotely online

DAAD Scholarships

DAAD scholarships for undergraduate students.

To receive a scholarship, you must apply for the DAAD test. The application is submitted through the applicants portal (

To pass the test, you must have with you:
identity card;
photo 3х4 2 pcs.

Duration of the scholarship:
from September 1st of each year to August 31st of the following year

Scholarship size:
80 thousand soms - the scholarship covers one year of study

Requirements for participation in the competition:
At least 110 points in ORT, 60 points in mathematics
Good command of English or German

Selection conditions:
1-year course: 90-minute logic-mathematical test and essay.

Pilot testing

Online registration of applicants at INAI.KG

Online open days.

Contacts of the admission committee

Phone: +996 312 549 238;  +996 500 549 238

Address: Maldybayeva st., 34B, Bishkek, 720020


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