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University of Applied Science Zwickau, Germany (WHZ)

WHZ is a regional University of Applied Sciences with their educational and scientific profile focused on the areas of Technology, Economy and Life Quality.

Faculty of Physics Engineering/Informatics (PTI) is very active in cooperation projects with Kyrgyzstan, mostly funded by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and private sponsors. At present, 3 projects with a total budget > 1.000.000 EUR are active and more than 10 Projects have been conducted:

  • Export of Bachelor in Informatics WHZ -> KSUCTA;
  • Ground up reconstruction of IT infrastructure at the Institute of New Information Technologies (3000 students);
  • Establishment of a Technology Transfer Centre at KSUCTA;
  • University Business Partnerships: Practice-oriented study in  informatics education;
  • Micro-E-Lectures for internet-based Tele Teaching (MINT): Development of internet based micro-units for MINT-subjects at DKU Almaty, Kazakhstan and KSUCTA Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan;
  • Internet-based student project (Kyrgyz, Kazakh and German student teams develop software collaboratively and evaluate project results at summer school in Kirgizstan)
  • Team-Up for Open Access;
  • University Business Partnerships: Practice-oriented study in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia
  • Scholarship projects;
  • Advancing Higher Education in Biomedical Engineering and Health Management in Kyrgyzstan, Erasmus+

At present, ca. 30 Kyrgyz students are studying at WHZ at Bachelor and Master level, more than 30  informatics lecturers and 7  language teachers have been or are currently being trained at WHZ.


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DAAD Grants for Zwickau

  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
  • The grants are for the excellent studies:
    • 20% of the total amount of enrolled students will be granted scholarships
  • Requirements for participation
    • Bachelors of of 6.Semester
    • Masters of of 2.Semester
  • Reqiurements for selection :
    • Best GPA
    • Developing and presentation of a software programme for the selection commitee
    • Motivational letter
    • German B1 level
  • Duration of the grant
    • From September 1 each year till August, 31 following year
  • Grants for study in Zwickau
    • 750€ per month for Bachelors
    • 850€ per month for Masters
    • 750€ for travel costs


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