Obligatory modules

ModuleSubject #ECTS creditsContentQualification objectivesLearning outcomes
Introduction to Cloud ComputingAIN1-0425- Introduction to Cloud Computing - Cloud Computing Platforms - Parallel Programming in the Cloud - Distributed Storage Systems - Virtualization - Cloud Security - Multicore Operating SystemsAnalyze the trade-offs between deploying applications in the cloud and over the local infrastructure. b. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of various cloud computing platforms. c. Deploy applications over commercial cloud computing infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, and Google AppEngine. d. Program data intensive parallel applications in the cloud
Privacy decision supportAIN1-0435
Introduction to Big DataAIN1-0445ContentLearning goals
Basics of Scientific ResearchAIN1-0455
Number TheoryAIN1-0465
Machine LearningAIN1-0475
Privacy and EthicsAIN1-0485
RoboticsAIN1-0495- Introduction to the concept of robotics - Microcontrollers and microprocessors - Sensors and types - Actuators - Basic electronics - Microcontroller Programming - Learn Arduino IDE - Exploring Tinkercad - Working with LEDs, creating traffic lights - Working with potentiometers, controlling LED brightness - Operating a photoresistor to create automatic lighting - Operate buttons - Work with servo motors, creating a manipulator - Working with a gear motor, creating a remote-controlled machine- Skills in selecting equipment for the required task - Programming of microcontrollers - Able to create a circuit for the task. - Have an understanding of sensors, types of signals (discrete/analogue), actuators.
C# ProgrammingAIN1-0515- The concept of class. Basic elements of a class. - Overloading of operations in a class. - Inheritance in C#. - Object-oriented features of C#. - Working with files. - Generalized classes (templates). - Working with graphical objects.- Development of architecture, algorithmic and software solutions for system and application software;- Study and development of programming languages, algorithms, libraries and software packages, system and application software products;- Development and use of tools, automated systems in scientific and practical activities;
Basics of EconomicsAIN1-0525
ModuleSubject #ECTS creditsContentQualification objectivesLearning outcomes

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