Master of Sciences (Informatics)

Degree  Master of Science (MSc.)
Type of studyFull-time, evening programme
Start of the studyFall semester
Duration / ECTS4 semesters / 120 ECTS
Master Thesis30 ECTS
Admission requirements– Bachelor- oder Diplom degree in computer sciences with GPA of 75% of the last 2 years


–  Alternative:

–  Bachelor- oder Diploma degree in STEM study programmes with average GPA of 85% of the last 2 years of computer science related subjects

–  professional experiences in computer sciences

Tuition fees80 000 som

Curriculum is available here: curriculum 

International Software System Engineering (MA)

This specialization is oriented towards the Master program Informatics at WHZ with a focus on software development. The content provided is also adapted to the needs of local companies, which are heavily involved in software development and have a high demand for software developers at the master level. The extensive practical modules in the 2nd and 3rd semesters cover the technical development and long-term maintenance of software systems in larger teams. Language training and intercultural training enable successful work in international teams.

Software Enterpreneurship (MA)

The second, business-oriented specialization builds on the bachelor’s degree programs computer science and web computer science. The main focus of the program Software Entrepreneurship is to impart to the students the commercial exploitation of software products as well as the associated organizational structures and the necessary management knowledge. The contents of the course contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technology to the Kyrgyz economy and strengthen the existing IT economy nationally and internationally. The focus of the training is therefore the technical basics of software development, business management components with regard to the utilization of inventions as well as intercultural aspects and language training. The extensive practical modules in the 2nd and 3rd semesters with the focus on startup coaching enable the graduates to build their own company as well as successfully set up and implement new projects within an existing company.

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