Rules of admission of students

Persons who have a state diploma of basic higher education in the relevant direction (bachelor) or a diploma of complete higher professional education in a related specialty in the order of obtaining a second higher education are admitted to study under the master's training program.

To organize the admission of students to full-time education under an agreement with payment of tuition fees, by order of the head of the university, an admission committee is created, the chairman of which is the rector of KGIPI.

The competition for admission to the magistracy is conducted on the basis of entrance tests in the form of an online interview. An integral part of this interview is the presentation of the solution to the programming task (including defense). Assignments are usually announced before the interview.

Documents for admission

Master's degree:

  • application;
  • higher professional education diploma;
  • photo 3х4, 2 pieces;
  • copy of the passport;
  • personal record sheet.

DAAD Scholarships

Programming sample task


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