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Inter-university spring hackathon

There is nothing better than a "hackathon" to consolidate the knowledge gained in programming. A hackathon is a forum for developers in which specialists from different areas of software development (programmers, designers, managers) work together to solve a problem within a certain period of time.

  • What can't a programming student do without? Practical training.
  • What is very important when applying for a job? Experience.
  • What's the most fun way to learn? In a great company.

    The hackathon, dedicated to creating applications with students from different universities, successfully combines all three aspects.


Purpose of the hackathon:

To train and develop students' professional skills in developing algorithms for solving inventive problems and to promote the hackathon.

Objectives of the hackathon:

To develop competences in searching and analyzing information and quick learnability;
To provide an opportunity for beginner developers to communicate with each other and expand their circle of contacts.



Prizes and rewards

1 place in the hackathon - valuable prizes;
2 place in the hackathon - valuable prizes;
3rd place in the hackathon - incentive prizes.

Criteria for participation in the hackathon:

  1. 2nd year students;

  2. A team of 3 people;

  3. Availability of a personal laptop for each of the participants of the hackathon;

  4. Availability of free time for 19 hours;

  5. To be able to implement the assigned tasks, both on the backend part and on the frontend part;

  6. Knowledge of programming languages, both backend and frontend, as well as the ability to work with relational databases;

  7. At the end, the developed materials should be provided to the organisers.

Note: Knowledge of programming languages and databases is not limited to certain languages and technologies. Teams can apply a particular programming language or technology at their own discretion.

       evaluation criteria:

  • The backend component - how well the code is executed, how ready the product is to be sold to a potential customer. The maximum allowable score is 4 points;
  • The frontend component - how good, beautiful, modern and user-friendly the app/site design is. The maximum allowable score is 4 points;
  • The presentation of the work - how well the product was presented. The maximum possible score is 2 points;

Cost of participation: free of charge


    Hackathon participants will be provided with dinner and breakfast.


Any illnesses of school participants which require special care during the course, such as diabetes, allergies etc., must be reported to the hackathon organisers at the time of application. All necessary medication should be brought with you. Unfortunately, the Spring Hackathon cannot reimburse the costs of doctor's visits if necessary and medication.

Duration: 21-22 April 2023

Time: 17:00

Application period: 20 March 2023-17 April 2023.

To participate in the hackathon, complete the following form :  REGISTRATION LINK

Hackathon program

Contact details:

Name: Sharshenbekova Burul

Phone :+996 990 008 108

Adress: To be informed closer to the event.


Place and time?

Starting date: wednesday 19 april, 2023

Time: 17:00

Ending date: thursday 20 april, 2023


Registration deadline: 14.04.2023

For further questions please turn to:


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