Master program "Management and Computer Science"

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Students with a bachelor's degree from INAI and a from other university the Kyrgyz Republic can apply directly through the West WHZ portal. 

Link to WHZ portal:


All other students have to use uni-assist. Application through uni-assist is possible until the 30th of June.



Firstly, students with a bachelor's degree from the Kyrgyz Republic apply directly to the INAI. 

Students with no basic knowledge of business administration and/or computer science need to be part of an admission interview, which can be done together between WHZ and INAI. If the applicants do not have such skills, they can enroll but must complete a preparatory course.

INAI give the students a document that certifies that they were checked and enrolled by INAI.

INAI send WHZ a list of the accepted students by INAI with the mail address and full name. 

Secondly, if the enrollment through INAI was successful, the students have to apply through the digital system of the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences, Zwickau (WHZ, Germany) as soon as possible. The list of the uploaded documents will follow below. 

Thirdly, WHZ will inform the students about the enrollment status and support them in coming to Germany. 

Regulations for enrollment:

  • 180 ECTS Bachelor degree from the Kyrgyz Republic 
  • B2 English language level, which is proven by INAI or an external certificate

Documents that need to be uploaded for the WHZ portal:

  • Diploma Documents of the bachelor degree
  • B2 language certificate, INAI can also certify the B2 English level of the student
  • Enrollment certificate or similar document from INAI
  • CV

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